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> C.E.L. - Deluxxe Organic 2010, R&B| Full CD | VBR kbps | 55.87 Mb | Mirrors

| | Saturday, August 7, 2010

Her style is a careful blend of rhythm, melody, harmony, R&B,
Soul and Hip-Hop that when mixed together gives birth to a heavenly sound.She is creatively mixed Hip-Hop music, Soul & R&B so that her
sound spreads across generations.Creating songs where families can listen to a CD together and all
get equal pleasure and enjoyment.“People talk about [R&B and Hip Hop, but] CEL lives it!” DELUXXE ORGANIC is a CEL’s sophomore release. After listening to her first single “BEAUTIFUL”, you can’t help but wonder how far this soultress will go. In a time when everyone tries to put an artist into a category CEL defines all odds by being a Hip-Hop, Soul, and R&B singer.

01. My House Intro 01:30
02. Beautiful (Remix) (Feat Big Tone) 03:38
03. Deluxxe Organic 03:50
04. Love Ya 03:08
05. Call Me Back E 00:15
06. Philly Brown 03:44
07. Downfall 03:08
08. U Don’t Know Me 03:59
09. K.I.M. 08 02:59
10. Gotta Tell U 03:31
11. Make Up Your Mind 04:02
12. Fresh Nostalga 02:54
13. Beautiful (Dilly Dee Mix) 03:37
14. Where Do We Go From Here (Letter To Hip Hop) 04:18
15. Sweet Epiphany (Feat Marsha Carter) (Bonus Track) 03:40

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